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It’s no secret that Alabama is one of the best states for hunting in the country. Rich with wildlife and public hunting lands, Alabama has drawn hunters from far and wide who seek to hunt the state’s opportunity-rich forests. With so many great choices, let’s go over the best game species to hunt in Alabama, from the folks at Soggy Bottom Lodge in Linden, Alabama.


Whitetail Deer

How could we start with anything other than the flagship big game species of Alabama? Whitetail deer hunting is an Alabama pastime, making up the bulk of Alabama’s staggering $1.8 billion dollar hunting industry. Best of all, whitetail deer are great for eating. When public land is too heavily pressured, there are high quality hunting lodges in Alabama whose private lands are home to well fed, trophy buck populations ready to be hunted.



Duck hunting is also very popular in Alabama. With their beautiful coats and tasty meat, Mallard ducks inspire many Alabama hunters to rise early for the hunt. Guided hunting trips with highly trained hunting dogs are available from premier hunting lodges, helping hunters of all skill levels learn and enjoy unforgettable duck hunts.


Quail & Pheasant

Walking quail and pheasant hunts are some of the most memorable and fun hunting experiences you can have in Alabama. With a well trained dog by your side, you can have an absolutely exhilarating time as you try to fill your bag. Some of the premier private hunting lodges of Alabama even offer quail hunts with no bag limit, meaning the fun doesn’t end until you say so.


Wild Turkey

Turkey season is a time of year that every Alabama hunter loves. When the spring breeze blows, hunters all across the state wake early in anticipation of what awaits them at their favorite turkey hunting honey holes. Whether from a blind or different form of cover, catching Alabama’s wild gobblers off-guard can prove to be some of the most challenging and rewarding hunting experiences in Alabama. 


Feral Hogs

Feral hogs cause about $55 million in agricultural damage every year in Alabama, so it’s no surprise that hunting this invasive species is highly encouraged by farmers and governing authorities alike. Because of their destructive nature and rapid reproduction rate, feral hogs are subject to no set hunting seasons or bag limits. The unlimited open season on feral hogs in Alabama makes them very popular hunting targets for Alabama hunters, who have gone to creative lengths to help manage their populations, including infrared and thermal technology assisted night hunts.


Small Game

Alabama is also home to many species of small game including rabbits, squirrels, doves, raccoons, opossums, and more. These small game species make for fun hunts for hunters of all ages. These hunts are also relatively simple and not time consuming, allowing Alabama hunters who want to stay active with their hobby while on a tight schedule to do so.

Soggy Bottom Lodge: Alabama Hunters’ Paradise


If you are looking for a private or corporate hunting retreat in Alabama, look no further than Soggy Bottom Lodge in Linden, Alabama! We have well managed populations of monster whitetail bucks, elk, fallow deer, mallard ducks, quail, pheasants, and more. Our guides are top notch and ready to share their rich wealth of knowledge with all of our hunting guests.


We are fully equipped with the best activities for outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. With the best staff in the world, we are committed to making every guest feel at home! Contact us to learn more about Soggy Bottom Lodge or to book your corporate event today!

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