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There are many reasons to take a corporate hunting retreat with your team. Whether you are seeking a break from the stress of work, trying to prevent burnout, or going for team building purposes, corporate hunting retreats can be truly special times for all involved. But what about the retreat itself? Why should you and your team choose to book a corporate hunting retreat? Let’s go over 5 of the best reasons to bring the office together for a retreat at the Soggy Bottom Lodge. 


Top of the Line Dining

With the in house kitchen team at Soggy Bottom Lodge, you will never be disappointed with the food. From steaks to salads, delicious home cooked meals are on the menu for lodge guests come breakfast, lunch and dinner. With all of the exciting outdoor activities to do at Soggy Bottom Lodge, getting your day started with a nutritious and absolutely delicious breakfast is key. And then, after a long day filled with adventure, recharge and enjoy the delicious dinner served back at the Lodge. 


Fun and Games at the Lodge

A good corporate hunting retreat is filled with all sorts of fun activities, even if you aren’t hunting! Shack 33 and the original Soggy Bottom Lodge are equipped with a wide variety of amenities for guests to make memories. From playing cards by the fire, walking down to the lake to fish, or ending the day with a classic game of pool at the custom table inside the lodge, there are many ways to craft your experience from the comfort of the lodge itself. 


Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Nature

Look no further than our gallery to see just how beautiful a corporate hunting retreat at Soggy Bottom Lodge can be. With gorgeous lakes for fishing, immaculate hunting grounds, the cool and calming sunsets, and the majestic night sky, the beauty of nature is on full display at all times for guests of the lodge. Sitting on the porch and peacefully enjoying a southern sunrise or sunset is one of the best and most memorable parts of getting out of the office for a corporate hunting retreat.  


The Hunt

Of course, the most common reason to book a corporate hunting retreat is for the hunting. But the hunting experience at Soggy Bottom Lodge isn’t your ordinary hunting experience. We have the best hunting guides and hunting dogs in the world to assist you in your pursuit of trophy game. We have monster deer, elk, fallow deer, waterfowl, quail & pheasants and more available to hunt on our grounds. When hunting at Soggy Bottom Lodge, you truly have the opportunity to bring home a once in a lifetime buck, and memories that will last forever. 


Luxurious Accommodations

While the outdoors are absolutely the centerpiece and priority of any quality corporate hunting retreat, that doesn’t have to come at the expense of creature comforts and a good night’s rest. With the five star accommodations that guests of the lodge receive, you are sure to have an incredible retreat experience, both outdoors and in. With options that include hibachi kitchens, community dining table seating, huge wraparound couches, luxurious bunk rooms, a full saddle bar, a swing bed and more, the lodges here are ready to host groups of many sizes with the utmost quality and best guest experience. 


Booking a Corporate Hunting Retreat at Soggy Bottom Lodge

If you are looking for a top of the line hunting lodge that offers all of these incredible activities and more, look no further than Soggy Bottom Lodge in Linden, Alabama. We are fully equipped with the best activities for outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. With the best staff in the world, we are committed to making every guest feel at home! 


Contact us today for more information on corporate retreats, weddings, and other events, or click here to reserve your stay!

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