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Whether it’s a weeklong corporate retreat or just a quick weekend getaway, spending time at a premier hunting lodge is an amazing way to connect with nature and take part in rewarding team building activities. With such a variety of unique activities, corporate hunting retreats truly offer something enjoyable for everyone. Let’s go over some of the best activities hunting lodges have to offer, from the folks at Soggy Bottom Lodge in Alabama.


Deer Hunts

Of course, the main staple of any great corporate hunting is a quality deer hunt. Whitetail deer are the most sought after big game species in Alabama, and corporate hunting retreats will typically have a well-fed population of mature trophy bucks with big racks for guests to hunt. To make the hunting lodge experience even better, most retreat centers will have experienced hunting guides to help guests on their hunts.


Waterfowl Hunts

Along with whitetail deer hunts, some of the highest quality corporate hunting retreats also offer various waterfowl hunts for lodge guests. Popular waterfowl hunts at hunting lodges in Alabama include hunting Mallard ducks alongside an experienced hunting guide with professional advice and tips for a successful hunt. One way that premier hunting lodges enhance their duck hunting opportunities is by providing professionally trained hunting dogs to assist their guests.



Another staple at any corporate hunting retreat center worth their salt is a stocked pond with monster bass ready to be reeled in. Fishing at a corporate hunting retreat is one of the best, most relaxing ways to start the day before the action of the afternoon begins. It is also one of the best ways to wind down once your long day of exhilarating adventures has come to a close. Fun for all ages, fishing is absolutely one of the best activities at hunting lodges.


Skeet and Sporting Clay Shooting

Testing and honing your shotgun skills at a corporate hunting retreat is both a fun activity and a great way to prepare for bird hunting. You will have a blast at any quality hunting lodge’s skeet shooting range while preparing yourself for any duck or quail hunts that may be in your future. Some corporate hunting retreats also have unique and exciting sporting clay courses, which test your shooting skills from all different angles.


Corporate Retreats

The best hunting lodges are equipped with the rooming, kitchen, and dining halls necessary to host corporate retreats. Going on a corporate retreat to these lodges makes for an unforgettable team building experience for the entire group. Bring the office or team and experience adventure together while building relationships in the beautiful scenery of a premium hunting lodge. 



Not only are hunting lodges great for bagging big bucks, but also for hosting beautiful weddings! Equipped with both indoor and outdoor venues, top of the line corporate hunting retreat centers are ready to make your dream wedding a reality. A high quality hunting lodge will have accommodations for large numbers, allowing the bride and groom to bring all of their family and friends to their wedding.

Soggy Bottom Lodge: Your Next Corporate Retreat in Alabama

If you are looking for a top of the line hunting lodge that offers all of these incredible activities and more, look no further than Soggy Bottom Lodge in Linden, Alabama. We are fully equipped with the best activities for outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. With the best staff in the world, we are committed to making every guest feel at home! 

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