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Are you tired of the same old hunting experience? Are you losing the fiery passion that you once had for the hunt? Perhaps you are looking for something new to mix up your Alabama deer hunting routine. This year, you have the opportunity to solve all of these problems. 2024 is your year to hunt a fallow deer, an exotic and beautiful species of deer stocked at private, luxury hunting retreats. Here is everything you need to know about fallow deer, and why now is the right time to embark on an Alabama fallow deer hunt.

What Makes Fallow Deer Unique?

Fallow deer are different from other species of deer common in Alabama, such as the whitetail deer.

While some of their visual distinctions are more apparent than others, the fallow deer is known for its uniquely shaped antlers. Just like a whitetail, a male fallow deer will grow a new pair of antlers every year, shedding them during late April or early May.

However, the shape of a fallow deer’s antlers is different from that of a typical Alabama whitetail deer. Fallow deer have more palmated or flattened antlers, while whitetails have more upright pointing antlers. 

Another unique attribute of fallow deer that makes them a hot commodity for hunters is their spotted coat. This is one of the most obvious visual differences between fallow deer and whitetail deer in Alabama.

During the Alabama winter, their coats gray a bit, becoming slightly fainter in color. But, during the summer months, the spotted reddish coat of a fallow deer shines brightly in the Alabama sun.

A gorgeous fallow deer buck taken at Soggy Bottom Lodge.

Where Are Fallow Deer Hunted?

Because they are non-native, originating in Asia minor, fallow deer are typically hunted on well managed private hunting grounds in Alabama. Soggy Bottom Lodge in Linden, Alabama has a healthy, well fed population of fallow deer on their grounds. Hunters who want to check a new box of their bucket list and enjoy the delicious venison of a fallow deer have a chance to bag the fallow deer of a lifetime at Soggy Bottom Lodge. 


The Fallow Deer Hunting Experience at Soggy Bottom Lodge

At Soggy Bottom Lodge, we craft a custom hunting experience for all guests of the lodge. Our goal is to give all guests and hunters the hunting experience of a lifetime through top of the line hospitality, both at the lodge and in the field. The fallow deer hunting package includes lodging and all the relaxing amenities of lodge life. Click here to see more details on the fallow deer hunting experience at Soggy Bottom Lodge.


If you are marching into the new year looking for new and exciting hunting experiences for 2024, consider a fallow deer hunt at Soggy Bottom Lodge this year! It truly is a hunting retreat experience unlike any other. Soggy Bottom Lodge also hosts corporate hunting retreats, weekend retreats, weddings and other events. Providing world class service to our guests is our number one priority, and as soon as you step foot on our grounds, you are welcomed into the Soggy Bottom Lodge family. Book your 2024 fallow deer hunt with us today

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