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When looking to find an effective and fun way to build relationships and increase unity among your corporate team and coworkers, there is no better way to do so than through a corporate retreat. But, for those more inclined to enjoy the outdoors and all the magical experiences that come with it, a corporate hunting retreat can be the perfect catalyst to make lifelong friends and lifelong memories with your team. There is no overstating how much a simple change of scenery and healthy dose of fresh outdoor air can refresh, re-motivate and recharge your team of coworkers and colleagues. But, what all entails a corporate hunting retreat? Let’s look at some of the core ingredients that make a great corporate hunting retreat at Soggy Bottom Lodge.



At the heart of every Soggy Bottom Lodge corporate hunting retreat is the hunt. Guests are given the opportunity to hunt a wide variety of game during their stay at the lodge, all depending on the season. Whitetail deer are an Alabama staple, and can be hunted during the gun season, from October 15th through January 6th. Alabama pheasant hunts are also incredibly popular, and range from October 1st to March 31st. For experienced waterfowl hunters, as well as those just getting started, duck hunts at Soggy Bottom Lodge are certainly some of the best you will ever have. They take place from October 1st through December 31st.

Hunting packages at Soggy Bottom Lodge all either come with lodging included, or offer the option to add it on. Every hunt at Soggy Bottom Lodge is one that is meticulously crafted to create the perfect hunting experience for hunters of all skill and experience levels. The Lodge also offers seasonal hunts for Elk, Fallow Deer, and Quail.



Corporate hunting retreats are all about bonding and relaxation. What could be more relaxing than an evening of fishing on our stocked fishing lakes with your friends, family or coworkers? Don’t worry about getting too relaxed, though, because the fishing at Soggy Bottom Lodge is known to be action packed. Our fishing lakes are stocked with trophy largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish and more. 



The lodging at Soggy Bottom is simply first class. With two dream lodging setups to choose from (depending on group size and preference), you can be sure that your lodging experience will be top of the line. Feeling rested and relaxed is obviously one of the top priorities of a corporate hunting retreat, which is why the lodging facilities and amenities are set to help every guest of the lodge experience that perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.

The original Soggy Bottom Lodge is a work of art in itself, and is sure to be one of your new favorite places to stay. It is fully equipped with corporate meeting capabilities, relaxing games, TVs, a large dining room table, luxurious bedrooms and an amazing porch with a grill and outdoor kitchen.

Shack 33 is the corporate retreat site of your dreams. With capacity to host groups of 75+ on its massive wrap-around porch, Shack 33 is ready to be your new go-to for corporate events, weekend retreats, and more. For overnight stays, Shack 33 can also accommodate large groups with its bunkrooms and spacious bedrooms. 



No corporate hunting retreat is complete without an amazing culinary experience. One of the main things our guests love about Soggy Bottom Lodge is the delicious and fresh food that is prepared for them every time they stay with us. Hunting/lodging packages include 3 hearty meals a day, which are prepared by some of the best kitchen staff in the world. Google us and take a look at some of our online reviews to see what our guests say about the food at Soggy Bottom Lodge. 


Corporate Hunting Retreats at Soggy Bottom Lodge – It’s Not Just a Stay, It’s an Experience

When you book a stay at the Soggy Bottom Lodge, whether it is a corporate hunting retreat, corporate event for the day, weekend stay with friends and family, wedding, or anything else, it is our utmost priority to make you feel like family. 

Contact us today for more information about how to make your corporate hunting retreat a reality, or click here to reserve your stay at the Lodge.

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