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Even with hunting season over and the Alabama summer settling in, the opportunity for outdoor fun at the Lodge isn’t slowing down. There’s a whole lineup of fun summer activities for the whole family, office group, team, or friend group to enjoy at the Lodge. Let’s take a look at some of the fun activities in store this summer at Soggy Bottom Lodge.

Wake Up to the Warm Sunrise

Mornings at the Lodge during the summer can be magical. If you wake up for the sunrise over one of our stocked fishing lakes, you can catch the beautiful sight from the cozy porch swing. Or, feel free to get your beauty rest in our luxurious sleeping arrangements, where you’ll be sure to sleep soundly. We get your day started at the Lodge with a freshly prepared breakfast, made by our top-tier kitchen staff.

A Day at the Range

The summer activities at Soggy Bottom Lodge are sure to entertain the whole family, or any kind of group that visits! A staple of any summer day at the Lodge is a trip to the range, where you can work on sharpening your marksman skills. We are equipped with a long distance rifle range on site, where you can shoot up to 800 yards. You can book an instructor for your range session and experience this unique opportunity for long distance range shooting.

When training for your next big waterfowl or quail hunt, skeet shooting is your best friend. With some of the best waterfowl and quail hunting in the state, you know that Soggy Bottom Lodge has the skeet shooting facilities to boot. The off-season is the perfect time to work on those shotgun skills, and with our 5 stand skeet shooting, you will be more ready than ever for bird season to roll back through. 

For another shooting adventure while at the lodge, our 18 station sporting clay course offers 106 different shot presentations that are sure to be a fun challenge for shooters of any skill level. Gun rentals and ammo are available for purchase at the lodge, or you can bring your own gear. We also have a pistol range that is included with use of our skeet shooting facilities. Bring your sidearm and spend some time dialing in your close range shooting skills while visiting the lodge for a summer retreat.

woman at an outdoor gun range being taught by a licensed instructor
man shooting a rifle at an outdoor gun range

Kayaking & Canoeing

Access to our kayaks and canoes is included with any stay at the Lodge, and is a great way to enjoy a beautiful Alabama summer day on the calm waters of the Lodge’s fishing lakes. A relaxing cruise across the lake is a great way to spend the afternoon. You can find solace on a peaceful solo outing, or bring someone along for company. You can dip your feet in the refreshingly cool water to stay comfortable in the sun.

a group of kids fishing for largemouth bass from a canoe

Trophy Bass Fishing

Speaking of kayaks and canoes, bring a fishing rod along with you. Whether from the bank or the water, the opportunities to catch big bass are abundant. What better way to make your summer stay at the Lodge memorable than catching your new personal best largemouth bass? Our fishing lakes are stocked full of healthy & hungry bass. The fish populations are well managed at the Lodge to help create the best freshwater fishing experience for our guests. Adults and kids alike will be sure to love it!

boy holding a very big largemouth bass by a lake

Take a Buggy Tour

You can feel the warm summer breeze on your face during one of our unique buggy tours. The roughly two-hour tour gives you a look at the whole property. The beauty of Soggy Bottom Lodge is all to see on this fun excursion.

aerial view of a large outdoor property

Catch the Sunset on the Water

There’s no better way to wind down the long day of summer fun at the Lodge than with a gorgeous sunset. You can take it in from the comfort of your porch, looking over the water. Or, you can take it in from the water itself using one of our kayaks or canoes. With a delicious, home crafted & cooked meal for you, our kitchen staff is sure to take good care of you for dinner.

the sunset over a lake in alabama

Summer Stays at Soggy Bottom Lodge

Hunting season may be over, but the opportunity for fun stays at the Lodge certainly are not. Come pay us a visit this summer, and relax in an outdoorsman’s paradise. Contact us today for more information about the Lodge, or book the lodge today! We look forward to seeing you this summer at Soggy Bottom Lodge.

a view of a hunting lodge on a warm summer night in alabama

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